The Connected Cup is my creativity’s playground and hopefully you will find some fun playing here too.
I wanted to create a space to connect, collaborate, and build a culture of curiosity.
This creative café is not meant to be perfect: there is magic in the messiness. I invite all the curious minds wander about and explore your limitless creative potentials.

A little bit about me:

Most of us love fun facts about people: curious minds want to know! 

But instead of a long ‘About Me’ page, I’d like to offer you a few bite-sized fun fact snacks to nosh on with your cup of coffee:)

So here it goes!

I started playing piano when I was 6 years old.

My piano teacher was Telly Savalas’ niece – otherwise known as Kojak.

I was a biochemistry major and art minor at Smith College.

I was a competitive equestrian.

I didn’t own my own horses until I was in vet school at Texas A&M in 1995. 

I was a small animal veterinarian for 13 years – retired in 2012.

I’ve been a student of yoga since 1999.

I went to Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in 2007: 99 classes in 9 weeks.

I lived in Hawaii for those 9 weeks.

I used to own a Ducati Monster 800. 

I rode in on the racetrack in Loudon NH. 

I miss my bike.

I love to do back dives off the diving board.

I was a fitness competitor. 

I’ve box squatted 285 pounds.

I am a certified health coach, personal trainer, and fitness nutrition specialist.

I consume kale, chocolate, and coffee every day. 

There are always several lip balms, pens, and dental floss in my bag.

I’m obsessed with all 3 of these items.

I am usually sporting at least 2 or 3 bruises at any one time. 

I used to have super long hair. 

I love the mornings, especially Sundays.

I love the fall and its rainy, cloudy days. 

I love to spend hours at the bookstore with a stack of magazines, books, and of course…coffee:)

Hiking is where I do my best thinking.

I used to work for lululemon: I am a master folder of black stretchy pants. 

I can’t sew a button on a shirt, but I can stitch up a laceration like nobody’s business.